Do you think your shop is too small to have its very own accounting department? Think again. 

Let the Barber Accountant become your accounting department. Don't spend hours on mind-numbing tasks like weekly revenue calculations, cutting checks to barbers, bookkeeping, and tax filings.

Instead, earn more by cutting more hair, hiring more barbers, building your clientele, and even opening more shops. 

DON'T SPEND HOURS calculatING weekly revenue sharing

You may be spending  spend hours each week calculating your barbers' revenue sharing. Products, services, and tips are usually handled differently. After it's all done, both you and your barbers are wondering if the numbers are correct.

Save yourself a weekly headache and give your barbers confidence by letting the Barber Accountant do this for you. 

your barbers GET Cashless payments

After spending hours calculating each barbers' pay, you still have to pay them. You write and hand out checks. Your barbers have to take time out of their day to deposit checks. 

Good news - there's a better way. Barber Accountant can deposit barber payments directly into your barbers' bank accounts on the same day every week. Both you and your barbers can stop worrying about money and focus on what you do best. 


In school you learned how to cut hair, and you're learning on the job how to run a shop. Don't try to learn bookkeeping as well.

Let Barber Accountant keep the books every day and, in an easy-to-understand way, let you know monthly how your shop is doing financially. Look at trends in your product and service revenue, see how much you're paying your barbers, and track how much it's costing to run your shop across several categories.  


We can't get you out of paying taxes, but we can handle all things tax for you. We'll collect W9's from your barbers and issue 1099's at the end of the year. We'll file your sales tax returns.

We'll even throw in your annual tax return. Forget about tax and think about things that make you happy.  

Canadian barbers, we even know how to handle the CRA. 

"It is a huge load off my shoulders to have you carefully going over the numbers every week. I really like what you are doing.  It is a specialized niche which needs filling!" - Rich K. Trolley Square Barbers


"Dave has got a really clean accounting system for barbers specifically. He understands what our needs are. He is very patient and knowledgeable of all things accounting.  I definitely recommend Dave to all of my barber friends." - Dave B. Dave's Barber Shop